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Investments In Breakthrough Technologies For Future Generations

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About Us

KELD LLC was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

Our goal is to identify, consult, invest in and help build companies that provide new technologies for the betterment of our human environment.

Our managing members have a proven track record in building successful companies, and have a unique perspective on what it takes to run successful companies in today’s environment. We invest our time to identify and help young companies in attractive breakthrough markets whose businesses provide sustainable social and competitive advantages.

KELD is invested in public and private companies, directly, and through partnerships, in a range of new technology frontiers.  We are looking for companies that provide breakthrough technologies in software, energy innovation, and communications. KELD consults and invests in companies and technologies by providing active guidance to entrepreneurs in all key aspects of fund raising, corporate structure, strategy, business planning, operations and corporate governance.

KELD partners with leading venture capital firms and other strategic investors to provide the resources to maximize the potential of young companies. We provide our companies with representation on boards of directors and committees, as well as provide continuous support, feedback and important introductions to other venture capitalists, investment bankers and industry entrepreneurs.